The 24th Annual Conference & General Assembly Meeting.

Wednesday October 12th, 2016

Romanian Airports Association organizes the 24th Annual Conference & General Assembly Meeting. The event will be held from 11-13th October 2016, at Lotus Therm  Hotel ,Baile Felix,  Bihor County. Tthe conference gathers representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Transports, presidents of County Councils, Romanian Intelligence Services, Police, Border Police and Customs representatives, Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority representatives, managing directors of Romanian civil airports, ROMATSA, airlines and companies in the field of civil aviation.

The first day of conference is about civil aviation’s priorities in the next 4 years. Also there will be discussions about safety aviation issues and  the EU’s  newest regulations and issues from the Civil Air Code.

The second day of the conference  is dedicated to security airports issues  in the context of actual terrorist threats and also to the importance of marketing strategies for Romanian airports.

During the sessions of presentation Blue Air and Ryanair representatives will speak about the importance of a cooperation between airlines and airports for increasing the passenger traffic.

On this occasion, Mr David Ciceo, the president of Romanian Airports Association  said: “The  Annual Conference & General Assembly Meeting  is very important for civil aviation industry from our country. In this conference we debate the news regulations  and infrastructure issues of civil aviation. Together  with representatives of Trasnport Ministry and Romanian Civil Aviation Authority we try to find the best solutions and strategies for improve the civil aviation and develop the airports’ infrastructure and increase the passenger traffic. In this way,  we try that Romanian civil aviation to be at the European and international standards.  We are convinced that this event will become an  important event for civil aviation industry in Romania, considering the large numer of participants  and that means a growing concern for air transport. ”

The vice-president of Romania Airports Association , Mr Gheorghe Pasc, the host of the event said : It is a great  honor for Bihor County Council and  Oradea International  Airport to  host this event . Our satisfaction is even greater , considering that in October  2015 Oradea International  Airport  was working at infrastructure and in less than a year from completion of the work has been included in international traffic by performing weekly in the summer of 2016, direct charter flights to Tel Aviv and planning the summer program 2017 first regular trips to Italy – Milan-Bergamo and Spain – Barcelona-Girona.