Thursday June 23rd, 2016


These days, the 26thConference and the General Assembly of the Airports Council International – Europe (ACI Europe) was held in Athens. The meeting was preceded by ACI Europe Board meeting which has as member-staff Mr. David CICEO, General Manager of Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport from Cluj-Napoca.

Mrs. Angela Gittens, General Manager of ACI World and Mr. Christophe Dussart, Head of sector on airport politics issues within the European Commission participated as guests at the board meeting. The main subjects of the meeting were the followings: strategy issues, the relation with the European Union’s institutions, the airport security, the foreign relations and the negotiations of European Commission with ASEAN, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Turkey and the revision of EU Regulation No 139/2014 regarding the technique requests and administrative procedures on airports.

Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport, presented the film of terrorist attack in Brussels, the manner of action and the strategy,together with the measures taken in order to reopen as soon as possible the traffic. Analyzing this situation, ACI Europe’s board concluded that it is necessary to take the highest security measures and to improve the collaboration with all responsible institutions. Reported to the ongoing discussions on the increasing security measures at the airports, the board of ACI Europe decided to recommend to the European Commission and to the airports to not support the introducing of an additional security control at the entrance to the public area of ​​the terminals, because these controls would create additional security vulnerabilities.

Olivier Jankovec, General Manager of ACI Europe, said that during 2015 it was registered an increase in passenger traffic, with 100 million passengers more than in 2014 and for 2016 it is maintained an insignificant increase traffic at the airports from Europe. This summer there are expected that the traffic will increase on intra-European routes, where low-cost transporters offer increased capacity and gaining market share.               David Ciceo presented at the Board meeting the traffic situation in Romania and, in particular, the significant increase of traffic at Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport. From his point of view, the increase of Cluj airport traffic will continue in the next period, despite the contrary trends manifested at some European airports, due to the increasing terrorist threat sand to the political instability in the countries that were traditionally important partners for them.

The board’s decisions were discussed and at the end, there were approved by the General Assembly of ACI Europe. The General Assembly of ACI Europe were completed with a conference that gathered together more than 350 guests, officials from the highest level from airports staff, airlines, aviation industry companies as well as government and the European Commission officials.