The Romanian Airports Association (RAA) was formed in 1999 and operates under the Government Ordinance no. 26/2000. RAA is an employers’ association, a nonprofit legal entity, autonomous, non-governmental and non-political.

Currently, RAA has 16 permanent members (Romanian civil airports) and 7 associated members (companies with activities in the aviation field).

RAA is open to all civil airports from Romania, and other institutions or companies (domestic and foreign) consistent with its purpose and objectives.

The main objectives are:

  • cooperation, mutual assistance, promoting the interests of the airports, exchange of information in the aviation technical and economic fields, and representation, upon request, of its members in their professional relations with public authorities, institutions, organizations and associations, trade unions, and other individuals, and companies.

In order to fulfill its objectives, RAA:

  • establishes and develops its own and group strategies, in correlation with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Airports Council International (ACI);
  • collaborates with the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority and the General Department of Naval Air Transport, within the Ministry of Transports;
  • ensures compliance with Romanian legislation, professional ethics, and the rules of fair competition;
  • promotes, through common efforts, at national and international levels, the use of airport service charges that are fair for the conditions existing on an airport, and that are correlated with the charges practiced on similar airports from other countries;
  • assists in the negociation of airport safety and security protocols, at the national level;
  • promotes the members’ interests in the field of international economic cooperation;
  • handles part of the information exchange in the aviation field;
  • organizes conferences, debates, seminars, exhibitions, work visits, and specialty training courses;
  • publishes informative newsletters and bulletins;
  • offers, upon request, technical, economic, legal, and managerial consulting and expertise;
  • collaborates with the Ministry of Transports, public authorities and County Councils in Romania in order for RAA’s objectives to be put to practice;
  • provides any other services requested by its members, as long as these services are in compliance of the law.