Partnership between AAR and FAPT

Wednesday August 24th, 2016

AAR  and  FAPT  have signed a cooperation protocol, which want to  exchanging information, to organize activities, to promote tourism potential, to increase the visibility of touristic destinations and the number of tourists .

The president of RAA, David Ciceo said: I am delighted  that we have signed this partnership . For the first time, we work together to  connect Romanian Seaside with the most important airports in Romania and to  increase  the touristic traffic between  airports and the touristic destinations in Romania, to improve the services for the  tourists  who visit Bucovina, Transylvania Oltenia , The Danube Delta, Dobrogea and other touristic regions in Romania

The statement of Corina Martin, president of FAPT: We signed a strategic partnership with Romanian Airports to develop the touristic traffic between the Romanian touristic destinations and also , we propose to promote the touristic destinations