Meeting of the General Directors of the member Airports of the Romanian Airports Association

Thursday February 2nd, 2023

The general directors of the airports in Romania met on February 2, in a working session organized at Brasov Airport. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Energy, companies working in the field of civil aviation and state institutions with attributions in air transport (ROMATSA, Romanian Civil Aviation Authority, Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authority).


The agenda of the meeting included topics regarding: the implementation of Romanian airport development strategies, the absorption of European funds, the amendment of the Ministerial Order regarding airport tariffs and the collaboration with airlines in order to develop the airport route networks. Aspects related to operational, safety and security issues in the field of aviation were also addressed.

The officials analyzed the air traffic recorded in the year 2022, when more than 21 million passengers transited the Romanian airports, and presented estimates regarding the traffic of passengers, cargo and aircraft movements expected to be recorded in the year 2023.

David Ciceo, President of the Romanian Airports Association, stated: “We expect that in 2023 Romanian airports will register a higher number of passengers than in 2019, but at the same time we are aware that airports face multiple challenges: the effects of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the increase in energy prices, the increase in air ticket prices or the increased competition between airports”.

Before starting the discussions, the participants visited the Brașov International Airport, which will become operational on June 15 (if the work schedule assumed by the competent institutions will be respected).

“We are honored to be hosting, right at the headquarters of the Braşov-Ghimbav International Airport, the first day of the meeting of the general directors of the member airports of the Romanian Airports Association. We can say that the newest and the most modern airport in Romania – if we take into account the technology of directing the traffic by means of the remote tower that we are implementing for the national premiere – makes its official “entry” among the airports in our country, with all the more as we entered the straight line regarding the functionalization of our objective”, said Adrian Vestea, President of the Brasov County Council.