Friday September 8th, 2017

The American Airport Executive Association (AAAE), founded in 1928 as the largest airport professional association with 7,500 members, from more than 850 airports, along with its sister organization, the International Association of Airport Executive (IAAE) Europe and KKConsult were for 3 days, the guests in Cluj Napoca, at Cluj Airport and the Romanian Airport Association, on September from 5 to 8.

During the 3 days the international experts from AAAE, AAIE and KKConsult held a basic training and support course focus on operational requirements of EASA 139 Regulation, including required operational safety training.

“The aerodrome operator is responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the aerodrome. This is a primary element of Commission Regulation No 139/2014, dated February 12, 2014, which requires the certification of most commercial aerodromes in European Union member states”- said Mr. Klaus Knoepfle, Managing Director KKConsult, and Stuttgart.

The European Aviation Safety Agency has set minimum standards with Certification Specifications, Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material. According to the required certification the documents consist of two main areas: aerodrome infrastructure and operational procedures. Just because an aerodrome hasn’t had an incident or an accident does not necessarily mean that its operational procedures are efficient and effective“- said Mr. Spencer Dickerson,CM Senior Executive Vice President for Global Operations AAAE.

„Aviation is a dynamic business with new developments,which has an impacton the industry almost daily. An aerodrome operator always should expect the unexpected and be prepared for all possibilities.  Cluj Napoca is one of the leader airports in Romania that has an exceptional air traffic growth and train its staff acording to the EU new regulation-said Mr. Petru Stefan Runcan, AAIE board member.

“This course provided by the international experts will help all participants in their activity, carry on daily”-said Mr. DavidCiceo, AAR-president.

The 15 participants will receive a certificate which states that he/she has passed basic training as an Aerodrome Operations Expert.